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I have finally started making money from doing something I love. I have become more confident. I am reaching out more for help. I am more focused. I now have a list of over 400. Launched my first online program with paying participants. Have  a few lead magnets.    
I feel supported on this journey. Plus I have had the massive  realization that I am not crazy for being obsessed with my business! It’s ok to be obsessed with your biz. I’ve learned the mantra  “purpose over perfection”. I hear Lori’s voice in my head… there is no wasted  time. It is all part of the journey.    
Return Policy: If after you completely implement the program and run at least 5 clients through it and you still don’t feel that it’s the right signature program for you, you’ll be refunded 100% of your investment.  The program must be run through 5 clients in full before a refund request can be made.